• To identify, assess and be actively involved in projects which best use the maximum range of skills and abilities within Arch Inc. to ensure a quality product, client satisfaction, environmental responsibility, satisfactory financial returns, stability and development of personal and collective skills.
  • To understand the client's requirements and the social, economic and cultural environment in which those requirements were generated.
  • To develop a liaison between our client and his representatives in which opinions and skills of both can contribute towards the success of the project.
  • To ensure that the Design Team has fully understood the client's requirements and to coordinate its work as an integrated group.
  • To produce appropriate and refined architecture and design which compliments the cultural and social requirements of the Client and the country in which the project is located,
  • To ensure that the completed project accommodates the technical and social requirements of those who use it while achieving our client's objectives.
  • To ensure by effective management and co-ordination, that the financial resources of the client are used in the most efficient way and that financial and time objectives are maintained throughout the project.
  • And to strive for excellence and to always endeavor to achieve it, in our design work and professional and ethical standards.

Arch Inc. provides through a single point of contact a comprehensive design consultancy service of excellence.

Arch Inc.

Was established in 2006 by Mr. Mohammed K. Alanni, an Architect and Urban Planner and associate member of the American Institute of Architects and Committee for Engineering Professional Practice (COEPP) in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Arch Inc. specializes in the planning, design and space management of architectural and interior projects within the fields of Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Entertainment, Shopping centers (Malls), Retail Outlets, Offices Design, Banks and Financial Institutions, Government Facilities, Sporting Facilities, Educational Facilities, Health Services including Medical, Transportation Airports-travel facilities, Residential Housing/compounds Multi Storey Buildings, Industrial projects and Commercial Developments.

Arch Inc. a firm that is ready to provide its consultancy service in the field of architecture and engineering. Arch Inc. offers project management, specialist architectural and design services, civil engineering, structural, public health, mechanical and electromechanical services. Arch Inc. has access to a wide network of specialized sub-consultants who are experienced in team working for the success of the project. The main target of Arch Inc is that it ensures the success of the project on time and on budget.

We offer the following services..


Urban Planning


Master Planning

Interior Design


Graphics Design

3D Walkthroughs

Quantity & Procurement Surveyor

Contract Administration & Supervision